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About Bean Consultants

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Bean Consultants and Associates is a dedicated, cutting edge, 21st century consulting company. Founded in 1982. We are driven by the success of our clients!

BC travel all over the USA servicing  large and small businesses. Many in your industry. We will examine all phases objectively. BC implements ways for our clients to operate their business more efficiently, manage and organize the staff, sell and produce more at the lowest cost with maximum profit. We use good business judgement and experience calling on technical talents to help you design, install and implement corrective programs. We train our clients personnel  in corrective procedures and bring about a rewarding end result.

Our Services

Business Coach

Like “BC Powder”, we take the headache out of doing business. Most small businesses fail due to competition and lack of specialized personnel to solve complex business problems. They do not have the workload to justify full-time employment nor the capital to afford them. Organizational procedure, marketing and sales operations, profit, paper flow, operating expenses, and inventory control are hard to solve problems for small businesses sadly, many are never, or seldom identified. Therefore, you must be proactive! Let BC solve your problems and move you to the next level.

To work with Bean Consultants And Associates is to work with the elite. We are professional consultants solving problems. We have degrees from accredited universities and institutions. Management experience in administration, marketing, distribution, production, nutrition, RE development, and renovations. We also have an Al. & Ga. license appraisal, RE paralegal litigation, and Ga. license auctioneer. We offer these services in-house for all our clients. Our composite talents represent an expertise in many business functions and exposure to a variety of businesses.

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Companies & People I’ve Worked With

{Bean Consultants, is a consulting service for movers & shakers. Jewell & Russell work privately with elite high profile- clients. They understand the true meaning of being discreet and valuing your privacy, while assisting you in your business and reaching your goals in a timely manner. Bean Consultants are the best when it comes to solving problems for high figured businesses and high net worth individuals! Jewell & Russell have saved me hundreds -of- thousands of dollars, while making me over a half- million- dollars, ($500,000.00). I recommend Jewell & Russell to many of my colleagues. They are #1. They give 100% plus. Jewell & Russell was one of my best decisions and investments ever made. Make an appointment today, you will be glad you did.
mystery person
Sol H.
Atworth, GA
{Thanks again to my dedicated consultants, Jewell & Russell. Wow... what can I say, Bean Consultants, has done it again! I just received a cash offer of over a quarter of a million dollars on some real-estate the Beans renovated for me. I have received over quarter of a million this year, due to the strategies the Beans use. I am so grateful for their knowledge and understanding of my special projects and situation. I shall certainly, without hesitation recommend Bean Consultants to family, friends and colleagues.
mystery person
Dorothy G.
Eufaula, AL
{Thanks to Jewell & Russell @ Bean Consultants, for saving my multi-million-dollar business! I
thank God for their wisdom, knowledge & understanding in helping me move in a timely manner
to liquidate a lot of my business & personal assets. I needed to create a quick six-figure cash flow
to stay a-float. They believed in their strategic process and us; when we didn't believe in
Jewell & Russell liquidated over a quarter- of -a million-dollars’ worth of assets in a couple of
months.  I am now living an abundant, financial, stress-free lifestyle again and loving it. After
almost losing my "dream lake home", business and other real-estate investments, we were
blessed exceedingly consulting with Bean Consultants. They think outside the box, therefore,
what we never thought was possible, became a reality.
Hiring Bean Consultants can and will change your life forever! They truly blessed my business
and family in many ways. They are my choice to solve your most difficult problems. They saved
our millionaire status!
mystery person
Chip W.
Sparta, GA
{Thanks Jewell for giving me the tools I needed to lose 50 lbs. I feel wonderful and look beautiful and younger! Your methods work. I never knew I could eat healthy and take organic herbs while loving every minute of it. Four months changed my life forever. I have so much energy. "Lady Bean", you rock. I highly recommend Bean Consultants. Be blessed.
mystery person
A. Jackson
Atlanta, GA
{Jewell and Russell are the best.   Their advice and consultations are always top notched, and laser focused.  They follow up with you and help you remain focused on your goals.  I appreciate their perspectives and enjoy working with them.
mystery person
Goldie Dicks
Southern Interiors, Stone Mountain, GA
{I am so grateful for Bean Consultants and all they have done for me. Jewell and Russell are an awesome team! They give 100% and then some. I hired Bean Consultants to assist with the renovations of two of my real estate properties.  Jewell & Russell managed the entire project from start to finish. They took the headache out of the renovation process. They hired all contractors, ordered all materials at a discount, thus saving me a lot of money. They increased my profit by $115K! (WOW) I thank God for their wisdom, knowledge, and understanding! They truly care about their clients and work with a spirit of excellence. I pray the Lord will continue to bless their business and their light continue to shine bright for Him. I look forward to continuing working with them on many other business projects. I highly recommend Bean Consultants to anyone looking for an exceptional consulting co. that gets the job done. They educate, inform and empower you to level up! Forever grateful.
mystery person
Dorothy Griffin Baker
Hill, AL
{To meet or work with Russell and Jewell Bean is truly a blessing. They are both true pillars in helping to obtain and restore sustainability in the world by enlightening others through awareness, education, and guidance. The Beans’ consistent acts of dedication, humility, integrity, and professionalism are both empowering and inspirational. The wealth of wisdom and support that I have obtained from the Beans since meeting them in October of 2022, has been an asset to the development and growth of my businesses. Thank you both so much!
mystery person
Blessed Beyond Enterprises, Inc./Champion Initiative, LLC
{Thanks to Jewell at Bean Consultants we are now in the high six -figure club. We learned how to do add -ons. This is one of the greatest secrets in increasing our business. We were leaving money on the table. Now our eyes are open to the opportunities and the money making ideas! They worked.
mystery person
T&M Dumas
Ellenwood, GA

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